Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tea Party Photos

I started the process of uploading Tea Party Photos. I will finish the job tomorrow.

I admit, I was wanting to get a new set of photos of the Capitol after its big renovation last year; So, I took more pictures of the building than of the event.

Live Music ~ Utah State Capitol Building ~ Utah Tea Party


Jennifer said...

Golly, there are like, what, 10, 15 people at those rallies? That's encouraging. With the crowds on the tax day events I was growing concerned my country had lost all rational thought and given in to uneducated and emotionally charged irrationality, pointing their anger in the wrong direction, and not even really understanding where their anger came from in the first place (subtle racism, fear of change). Nice to see all but a handful have grown up.

y-intercept said...

There were several hundred people.

The people I talked with didn't seem irrational. The people I spoke with all had solid reasons for rallying against the current unprecedented expansion of government.

The speakers at the event all clearly identified the reason why they attended the event. Again, this is a sign of rationality.

Having solid reaons for one's actions is the heart of rationality.

As for hatefulness, this reply (which projects the motivation of racism on the people at the rally) is substantively far more hateful than any of the things that I heard at the Tea Party.

Denying the rationality of one's opponents is perhaps the greatest of all affronts to rationality.

Jason said...

I compiled together 105 Tea Party videos uploaded to youtube the night of July 4th 2009. Thumbnailed and linked. If you’re interested in what the diff Tea Parties looked like across the nation take a look. It’s in my url