Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Culture of Corruption

I guess Obama's plan was to stimulate the economy by making Conservative books fly off the bookshelves. Of course Bush made progressive books fly off the shelves. I added tomes of Chomsky and others to my bookshelves during the Bush administration.

My observation is that the country almost always heads in the opposite direction of the US president.

I've been seduced into buying Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption.

For folks wandering what Obama's organized communities will look like in ten years time, they might check out The File which explores Timothy Garton Ash's encounter with the East German version of Acorn in the 1980s.

Nien Cheng had provides a look at her life through the Cultural Revolution (a change campaign by Moa) in Life and Death in Shanghai.

It is sad. The left is slamming Michell Malkin with racial slurs for daring to criticize the annointed one. I suspect that many oriental Americans had enough experience with Mao to know that annointed ones aren't quite as nice as they are cracked up to being.

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