Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forgive My Carbon Foot Stomp

Forgive me Al Gore for I have sinned.

Today I violated Gaia with a carbon foot stomp.

As you are aware, I have taken thousands of digital pictures in an online celebration of beauty, bounty and diversity of the Mountain West. I have posted these pictures on line in an effort to raise awareness of the beauty around us.

In all of these years of taking photos, I have taken great care to never print any of the images that I have taken.

Today, at the request of parental units who wanted some photos I took at a wedding, I strayed from the path of righteousness and engaged in the carnal act of printing photographs. This sin against nature included the consumption of toxic inks and glossy photo paper. I dare not even think of the gasses released in the generation of electricity … greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming.

I pray to you, the Great Al Gore, balancer of the earth and sayer of the inconvenient truth. It is through your holiness that Gaia has revealed that our collective conscious controls the weather.

I know that in your greatest, o' Nobel Laureate of peace and keeper of the climate, that you have little time for us earth bound mortals as you circle the globe in that great jetliner in the sky. Yet I beg of you to forgive my printing 12 sheets of paper and the carbon foot stomp that the transgression entailed.

Having just printed several photos, I find myself desirous of a really nice printer that would allow for the printing of fine art quality prints. Printing images would probably help improve the quality of my photography. For that matter, it would be super fun to see if I could make a business of printing and sharing images.

Oh that the Senate might pass the Cap and Trade legislation so that us humble sinners could buy indulgences from your greatness as you circle the globe and look down upon mankind from above.

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