Thursday, May 01, 2008

Paul Reverette

I was listening to Paul Reverette, aka Hillary Clinton, in one of her shrill calls for recession.

The funny thing is that the US economy was in a more precarious situation at the end of the dot com bust that occurred during the Clinton dynasty.

In the 2000 campaign, there was a great fear that the Republicans would start screaming recession, AS CLINTON AND BARACK ARE DOING AT THE MOMENT, and that Republicans screaming for recession AS CLINTON AND BARACK ARE DOING would actually lead to recession.

The Republicans could have gained political advantage in 2000 if they screamed recession.

Other than a few Conservative drones like Glen Beck, the Republicans did not scream recession in 2000, and there was not a major domestic and international effort to short American companies and our currency.

Anyway, my stomache is turning because Clinton is using the divisive techniques that her administration claimed to be unfair in Al Gore's presidential bid.

BTW, what is super surprising is that our economy is still doing well despite all of the shorting and top of the lung screaming of the word "Recession" done by Barack and Clinton and the legions of sheep that scream in unison with their master.

PS, A few posts ago, I criticized McCain's tax vacation as a bad idea. Clinton jumped on that band wagon. Obama did not. Barack seems a little bit more skilled at sniffing out bad ideas than the other presidential candidates.

I am not quite sure if he would be adept at coming up with good ideas though.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

If anything has been revealed in recent weeks, it's that Barak is just as bad as most politicians in hewing to bad ideas, and that he is just another politician, not the savior of the free world.