Thursday, May 15, 2008

Themes Project

I am not happy with the Blogger "label" feature. I had been hoping that the label feature would build an index for this blog. Instead, it simply feeds a weak search function.

So, I decided to make an external index. The advance of an external index is that I will be able to index more than just this one blog. I could include articles posted on other sites and forums. I will put the themes on the site (notice the dash).

To make the index a bit more useful to the web surfing public, I split it into several main categories:

  • The Abstract Themes section lists abstract philosophical themes like true and paradox.
  • The Current Events section indexes articles on current events and politics.
  • photo indexes articles that involve taking pictures.
  • The local directory includes articles about the Community Color project.

I am building this same index structure into the backend program used by The Roots of Sound Rational Thinking and other research projects.

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