Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Writing Updates

In the last weeks, I've been working on reworking the structure of the y-intercept.com site and hope to start populating it with content. The one piece of content I really don't want to write is the admission that I flunked out of the University of Utah.

I flunked classes that members of the Football team took during game season!

Having been flunked out of school pretty much disqualifies me for everything but computer programming and manual labor.

I finished the about me page. Followers of this blog would note that I started this page a year ago. Standing up and telling the world "I am a loser who everyone should ignore" is not a pleasant task.

People who wish to refute any posts I make on this blog need do little more than point at the fact that I failed "Political Indoctrination 101" and they will win.

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