Thursday, May 29, 2008

Partisan Analysis of Propaganda

This is a flow of conscious blog. The form of the blog is that I see something in the news or community, then write out a stream of thoughts. Often the thoughts are contradictory because I explore different view of the subject.

I usually don't edit things. When I do edit things, my wonderfully long posts end up painfully short. So, I wrote a long flow of conscious post to continue thoughts on propaganda started in the last post. When I was done editing, all I had was a single sentence:

"A partisan analysis of propaganda is, by its nature, propaganda. It is a form of propaganda that can be more divisive and destructive than the bungling propaganda under analysis."

Having edited the post down to two sentences. I then feel compelled to do something to beef up the post so that it would be, like, four paragraphs long. In other words, editing is overrated.

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