Sunday, May 11, 2008

Riverpark in South Jordan

RiverParkI finished labeling the pictures I took of the Riverpark area in South Jordan. This is a massive complex with two universities, a variety of class A office space and mix use facilities.

NOTE, I googled Riverpark, but did not find an official web site for the development. If anyone knows of one, please drop a comment.

The Facility is on 10600 South just West of the Jordan River. I doubt it entered the minds of the developers, but the people working in the complex have a nice bike path and walkway near their building. I wonder how many people bike to work ...

Office framed by Twin PeakAs a building buff, I am always happy to see quality new construction. I am especially happy to see mix use facilities. The Riverpark includes a variety of fast food and elegant restaurants. My first reaction was that the development was a bit like the DTC in Denver.

My second reaction was sorrow that this development did not take place in Salt Lake City proper. I feel sad that most of the development is happening in the South Valley. During the DeeDee Corradini and Rocky Anderson dynasties, there was almost no development in Salt Lake. It is true that in the last few years, SLC finally realized that WVC, South Jordan and Saint George were on a path to ecclipse the capital city in economic relevance. So, the city has reluctantly allowed some construction.

Neumont UniversityI have always rooted for Salt Lake City. Rooting for a loser results in a cynical attitude toward the world.

During my picture taking excursion, I was surprised to find that there was a new University in town called Neumont University. Neumont University's site says that they work directly with businesses partners to provide relevant education. Utah is in desparate need of new private universities if we wish the state to maintain a leading role in business and technology. I hope they do well. There is also a branch of the University of Southern Nevada. Go figure.

I love the mix use concept that is taking into place in developments like the Riverpark. I am sad that the development is not quite as well connected with the valley as I would want. Most people have to drive to go to work, and you really can't see the profile of the big buildings from the freeway, as it is in a gulch.

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