Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Foundational Dialectics

My first two theme articles are titled Rich Theory and Foundational Dialectics.

Rich Theory is my Affirmative statement. The thesis starts with the observation that we live in multidimensional universe and that, to thrive, we need a rich multidimensional system of thought that lets the billions of people on this planet expand on the different levels in this universe.

NOTE, the theme page simply states the word. It will take a great deal of other articles to explain what I mean with the thesis.

My negative term is "Foundational Dialectics." Foundational dialectics is not a rejection of the dialectical argument. The dialectical argument in the western tradition is a effective tool that can be used to draw out and overcome conflicts.

Modern thinkers have developed techniques that magnify conflicts until they become deep divisive issues that tear societies apart. The goal of the stipulated definition "Foundational Dialectics" is to differentiate between good and bad dialectics.

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