Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Governor Cyborg

Jon Huntsman, jrGovernor Jon Huntsman was in the parade; so I took his picture. When labeling the picture, I noticed something odd. The governor is waving with his left hand, and there is something keeping his right arm immobile in some sort of black device.

This made me think that perhaps the governor had been in an accident. So I googled "Governor Huntsman Arm" and it brought up this press release. It didn't say anything about an accident, but it talked about research projects Huntsman has helped along:

It also led to critically important research in cancer treatment, diabetes, genetics, as well as the robotic arm just to name a few.

Huntsman had been involved in the development of a robotic arm. My undoctored photo shows Huntsman with his arm in something.

Could it be that Huntsman is turning himself into a cyborg?

Since we are back into an age of conspiracy theories, I am left wondering if maybe Huntsman becoming a cyborg isn't part of a larger Republican conspiracy to turn all the governors into cyborgs. The Dick Cheney I read about on lefty blogs is the type of person who would engage in such a conspiracy.

Anyway, if looking at the first entry on a google search followed by linking together two disparate facts qualifies as research (which it just might these days) then I just may have stumbled on to something.


Anonymous said...

Huntsman had a shoulder operation. He injured his shoulder while lifting weights.

Unbeknowst to most people, Huntsman is a power lifter. He damaged his shoulder while benching the bar.

y-intercept said...

I googled "Huntsman shoulder." Sure enough, there was a large number of reports on the surgery.

It is amazing how language works. People like me who wonder why the governor's arm is in a brace have a hard time cluing in because those who are in the know correctly reported that the brace is the result of shoulder surgery.

I would say that language failed me, but I decided that my idea or Huntsman turning himself into a cyborg is much more compelling than what appears in the press; So, I think I will stick with it.

I can take your information that Governor Huntsman is into power lifting and claim that Jon Huntsman's obsession with powerlifting is the motivation for replacing his arm with a robotic arm. The Six Million Dollar Man could lift all sorts of things I couldn't.

I know! Governor Huntsman is obsessed with being able to out arm wrestle Jesse Ventura and the governator of California.