Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Parade Pics

The Finish LineAs I indicated in my last post, I decided to the go the the Native American Festival that runs in conjunction with the Pioneer Day Parade.

I realize that I have a reputation as a culturally insensitive clod. I just want to ease the readers mind and assure the world that I was on my best behaviour. It just so happens that I know all about the intricacies of the pale face/native interrelations. So just prior to the Powwow, I went to the liquor store to get some fire water to trade for beads. Unfortunately, Pioneer Day is a holiday and the liquor stores where closed!

My best laid plans fall one after another.

Even worse, I got to the powwow early. I ended up watching the parade and filled up my memory stick with parade photos. Anyway, I just started labeling the photos. My first picture of the parade is at the finish line of the Pioneer Day 10K.

It will take awhile for me to finish labeling the shots. Here are the Parade Pictures and Powwow pictures. Sorry about skimping on the powwow pictures. I couldn't get a good angle on the dance area, and I hate taking pictures of people (unless they are part of a public event).

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