Monday, July 16, 2007

The Projectionist

I should warn everyone. I am reading yet another work by Noam Chomsky; so I am depressed at the moment.

When The Noam projects his philosophy onto others, the world looks like a horrible place.

The single biggest problem in the world today is that Noam Chomsky is the single most influential thinker of our era.

I have to admit, the technique of The Chomsky works. When a skillful dialectician projects his ideology onto his opponents, the world ends up hating the victim of the projection and not the projectionist.

Apparently Chomsky's thesis is that evil Republicans want to oppress the people by making government smaller. Chomsky calls a smaller government a "diminished public arena." This, of course, is nothing but an old twists of even older paradoxes.

The Chomsky says of the United States: "Destroying hope is a critically important project. And when it is achieved, formal Democracy is allowed."

The Democracy and Free Market that Chomsky despises were built on hope. It is socialism that feeds on despair.

Of course, for the during of my reading this work, I will be in a state of despair. Our publicly funded universities are filled with people who fall on their knees in worship of every word that emanates from this wank.

The Chomsky is probably the single most influential intellectual since Marx (with the possible exception of Russell). When you look at how messed up Washington is today, I hope people realize that a great deal of the mayhem is a direct result of people pulled into action and reaction to the ramblings of Chomsky as he spouts paradoxes and projects his thoughts onto others.

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