Monday, July 09, 2007

778 - Define Rich Theory

The purpose of yesterday's announcement was to motivate myself to start working on a new project.

I made the announcement on 7/7/7, I figured I better pound out a second essay on 7/7/8.

Me being me, I procrastinated. So, just a little bit after 11:00PM on 2007-07-08, I forced myself to sit down and start working on the opening page for the work.

This opening page is quite difficult to write as the work itself is somewhat bizarre.

Rich Theory started as observations I had about the foundations of mathematics. In researching the history of ideas, I realized that my observations on mathematics were relevant to a large number of fields. For example, the conflicts between classical and new math is surprising similar to the conflict between Marxism and classical economics. It is also similar to the conflict between classical and modern liberalism.

The conflict between classical and new math is simply one manifestation of the conflict between classical and modern thinking.

So, while Rich Theory started as a math theory, I've chosen to expand the scope of the work.

What I intend to create is a collection of essays on the history of philosophy, logic and mathematics intermingled with a small number of more advanced articles on mathematics and programming.

Anyway, I completed the opening page of Rich Theory. In this chapter I give an introduction to the term Rich Theory. Unfortunately, I will not be able to fully explain why I chose this strange name until the end of the work.

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