Saturday, July 07, 2007

777 - A New Start

I spent the day working on the Community Color Calendars. I am rewriting the calendars from scratch as the original prototype of the calendars depended on the "Register Global" feature of PHP. The project is taking a long time simply because I've found that I've lost interest in the project.

I looked at my clock, and realized that it would soon be 7PM on 7/7/7.

I love working on web sites, but I want to do something different.

Several years ago, I purchased the domain name to work as a community based research web site. I never found a community interested in doing research. So, I decided I am going to do something different with the site. I will use the site to write a project that will be called "Rich Theory."

Rich Theory is a rather involved and ambitious project. Unfortunately, I am being called away for the evening. So, will use this moment simply to announce the beginning of the project. The announcement is on a page called start start.

I will tell you what will be in the project in the upcoming days.

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