Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wild Flowers

My new Nikon D10 digital SLR takes better flower pictures than my old Kodak DC240 autofocus zoom. The main advantage of the digital SLR is the ability to focus! With the autofocus cameras, the quality of an image is just a shot in the dark. I am using a standard 28-90mm lens. If I were super rich, I could get an expense micro lens and really control the image.

The image to the right shows a Spring Beauty that was growing on the Neff Creek Canyon trail. (This image is compressed for internet display. The camera is picking up some good detail.

Of course, now that I have a decent camera, I have fess up to the world that the lack of quality in the images is due to the photographer and not the camera. Maybe some more practice with the camera will make better images. Anyway, I will expand the protophoto - wildflower page. Although I am not a botanist, I will try to include the family and genus of the plants. I don't feel comfortable differientiating species

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