Monday, May 01, 2006

Future of Puerto Rico

It looks like the future of Puerto Rico is up in the air again. It sounds like the sentiment is leaning further away from joining the US and becoming an independent nation. I had hoped that Puerto Rico would one day join the U.S.. Perhaps, the anti-America sentiment is strong enough that it might actually secede.

Keeping a territory in limbo like this for so long is a bad idea.

As for watching the reports on today's rallies, I've noticed a strange thing. Most of the reports talk about how liberals are open and welcoming to immigrants. They then say ALL conservatives want the immigrants rounded up and shipped out to sea.

Interestingly. Most of the conservatives I know are pro-immigrant. They have some problems with illegal immigration because they don't like rewarding law breaking. Most of the conservatives I know are pro immigrant and many have actually worked with immigrants aid.

Conversely, most of the liberals I know are actually anti-immigrant. They hate the environmental impact and the fact that immigrants lower wages. They are in a quandry because they love mass demonstrations ... mass movements just feels good. (That might be a good definition of Progressive. A Progressive is a person who supports whatever feels good.)

Anyway, I am left wondering why the media keeps reporting that conservatives hate immigrants and liberals love immigrants when the reality is mixed the other way around?

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