Friday, May 05, 2006

Critical Race Theory and Immigration

I finally broke down and bought a copy of The Professors by David Horowitz. While this book is now where near as good as his biography Radical Son, I find The Professors a compelling look into modern academia. For years and years, I thought I was alone in the perception that modern US schools were dominated by Marxist thinking. David Horowitz provides an insightful look at 101 US professors.

Several of the professors listed in The Professors are proponents of an idiocy called "Critical Race Theory." Critical Race seems to hold that the laws white people see are nothing more than an illusion created by our history. Since Hispanics and Blacks, etc., have a different story, our laws simply don't apply.

The professors have clearly turning back the direction of classical liberalism which sought to find universal moral laws that allowed all people to thrive.

Modern liberalism turns the equation upside down. The goal of modern liberalism is to separate people into dysfunctional groups that are incapable of communicating. The classical liberal hates the fact that we are developing an underclass of Hispanics. The modern liberal revels in such division. There is the great hope that such divisions will lead to a master slave reversal.

The classical liberal was someone who truly wanted to liberate people. The modern liberal wants people divided in groups that the intellectual elite can manipulate.

We really do have a problem here. There are groups hypnotized by critical race theory who do want to create a society that is divided by law. They would then be able to ride the friction caused by the division to power.

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