Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Immigration and the Baby Boom

The generational timing of the current immigration debate is quite interesting. The US adopted excessively restrictive immigration laws when the precious cargo of baby boomers hit the job market. As the boomers reach retirement age, there is a hew and cry for relaxed immigration. Boomer voices are ringing out loud and clear with the message "We got ours. Now we want servants for our retirement years."

A massive influx of immigrants might even do the trick of saving Social Security. Social Security, as everyone knows, is a Ponzi scheme. The scheme depends entirely one our ability to bring new people into the scheme.

It is strange how national sentiment seems to follow the needs of the baby boomers. The two biggest plusses for massive immigration is that it provides servants for boomers and it might help prop up social security for the expensive retirement demands of boomers.

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