Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Angel Investors

Utah is an odd place. The venture capital business in Utah is booming. Apparently, a big reason for this is that local venture capitalists have started calling themselves Angel Investors. Calling yourself an angel elevates you from the mortal to the divine. After all, Utah is a state filled with Saints.

In my business experiences in Utah, most people disdained venture capitalists as corporate sharks. Now that the term "angel investor" is in the lexicon, the Utah VC business is booming. Angel Investors are suddenly seen as the most wonderful of all people in the business community. Utahns flock to seminars by angel investors with the hope that an angel investor will make their scrapbooking firm the biggest of all scrapbooking firms in the album.

Anyhow, the site FundingUniverse has and interesting Freudian Slip on the podcast page. This page introduces a Mr. Scott Frazier as an "Anvel Investor". (Here is the Google Cache, in case they correct their mistake).

I think anvel investor is a better description of what an VC does than "angel investor." An anvil investor hammers down on the entrepreneur foolish enough to take the investor's money.

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