Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Don't Get It

I was looking at the political cartoons on Cagle. A large number of Graduation cartoons are about how graduates are all going to be unemployed and miserable.

We have been in a long running hot job market. There's a ton of opportunities for this crop of graduates. There may be a lack of jobs for people getting a high school diploma and don't intend to go to college. College graduates, however, are not lacking in opportunities.

The problems faced by current grads are excessive student loans and a tight housing market. There is also a nasty gap between the work world and academic world. In a hot job market, most students should be able to jump that chasm. I feel sad for students who been deluded into following the Marxist ideology that most professors love. The business needs people with strong ethics willing to work, not people trained in using underhanded tricks to undermine companies.

The housing market and loans are the biggest challenges for students. While there is not a cure for the excessive debt, students can cure the housing blues by going a few years as a roommate before getting a house. As for getting a job. We are currently in a hot market for college grads.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah all those service sector burger jobs we have created for the last 7 years will mean the average college grad will be able to afford that house many years after the high school graduates working at the same job. Have you noticed people behind the counters keep getting older? Are there science jobs? Doing what. What science? Do we even have a private industry that needs scientists in America anymore? Or do you believe the news numbers... Alls well!

You blame socialism for this. Give me a break. You people have your head in the sand and likely kept your job through the 2001 bust. It probably won't matter soon though. Many of you will be joining us in our ludicrous contractor employment situation caused by corporate globalization and ridiculous wars.

Just remember. It’s just a nasty gap between a real job and education. Hmmmm why is there a gap if the job market is hot? I remember in the 90's when they would take a simple warm body to program computer code now they want 5 years experience for entry level pay and zero benefits. And that is called a hot job market? Right…

Please keep kicking us in the knees. I'm sure it will help solve the frustrations of globalization and make things alright, for you. And if the stock market takes a big dump in the near future, just keep telling yourself that the job market is really hot and all is well.