Saturday, May 29, 2004

I watched the moon through a double layer of clouds on a cold Spring night. The lower layer was thick and black. It moved quickly across the skies. The upper layer was a thin cool gray. The upper layer moved slowly biding its dear time.

For the most part, the night was black. I admit, I was paying less attention clouds or moon and more to the thoughts of the day. During short breaks in the lower clouds I paused in the glory of the night and looked at the skies in the misted light of the high altitude clouds.

The occasional break in the upper mass lit the sky's map of grand scale of the storm to come. While the chilled wind blew, I could see that my brief encounter with the moon would soon be gone for the night. I prepared to turn in before the rains commenced.

As the skies turned their darkest, there was a unexpected break in the heavens. For a brief fifteen seconds both layers of the cloud drew into perfect alignment and I saw for the first time that night the full illumination of the lunar body. The three quarters shape of the moon stood out in perfect clarity glowing through a tunnel of light.

The world around me lit up in its multidimensional clarity. My mind moved completely to the beauty of a world that continues to bring day after day a sense of amazement. The troubles of a wasted day in an artificial world vanished in a brief encounter with the true beauty of reality.

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