Monday, May 17, 2004

The joys of upgrades...the blogger site keeps unpublishing my blog! A small price to pay for all the nifty new features. Actually, I don't appear to be paying any price at all for the privilege of using the service.

I've been trying to force myself to finally start on the core of the descriptive mathematics site, but I am lost in a crisis of faith.

My version of math history is that the transcendental idealists set forth on the rather silly quest of trying to create a completely perfect mathematics, logic, language and philosophy. This quest for absolute perfection of logic and language has diverted our attention from the real wealth of mathematics...that is math gives us the ability to communicate about extremely complex topics like physics, the economy, etc..

The true wealth of mathematics is that it allows for a large number of diverse logical models. There is often similarities between subjects. Pursuing and discussing such similarities provides a great deal of insight, but we do not really need to unify all math and logic under a single banner.

The core of the descmath is to be a presentation on the Calculus. The problem is that the very aims of the model are diametrically opposed to just about all of the articles of faith professed by the transcendal idealists that control the subject.

To me, mathematics is like literature. It does not matter that the Lord of the Rings is not consistent with Star Wars. Different models provide different insights.

Anyway, I need to force myself to just finish the project. I really shouldn't care if the project is of absolutely no use to anyone accept as a fun little claim of intellectual independence.

Anyway, I need to publish this entry so my blog works again.

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