Monday, May 24, 2004

I finally gave in and downloaded Matrix Revolutions from Movie Link. (The actual download took six hours. It gave my computer something to do while I was asleep.)

I did not enjoy Matrix Reloaded. Stylish thugs are still thugs. The first Matrix presented interesting characters in an interesting situation. The second movie presented stylish thugs with God complexes.

The Matrix - 11.05 -  Revolutions - (Foil - 3D/Lenticular)Having heard negative reviews for Matrix Revolutions, I didn't bother seeing it in the theaters. Of course, having lower expectations made Matrix Revolutions much more enjoyable event. After downloading, I watched the fool thing twice. It turns out that "the architect" is something similar to the Black-Scholes pricing formula that simply tries to balance out equations. By trying to balance Neo with Agent Smith, the Matrix had created two rapidly diverging trends that it could not balance and was in the midst of a market crash similar to the Trillion Dollar Bet placed by Long Term Capital Management.

The human dramas of people trying to get back together, the swarming sentinnels and
The swarming sentinnels, APUs and other special effects made a good DVD event.

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