Friday, May 07, 2004

Hooray!!!! I got my very first PayPal payment. All of my pathetic attempts to music online, selling philosophical ponderings, and all the other weird auctions and ecommerce attempts never actually resulted in sales.

My first PayPal Payment came from an affiliate program for which offers a school for airline attendants. I ran their ad for a year and got $27.00. Paypal took a $1.11 to complete the transaction. I guess they have transformed from the bait mode to switch mode.

Unfortunately, my attempts at promoting worthy causes has been as flat as my crass commercial interludes. The Gandhi Alliance for Peace and UNAU are having a Canines Against Landmines event on Saturday at Jordan Park in Salt Lake. The clicker on this site shows the site getting 8 hits a day for the week. The logs show all but two of the hits in the last three days were either from Googlebot or myself.

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