Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I spent the day counting the Internet take. It was about five hundred bucks (This was for about 150,000 page views and 5000 click throughs). Business expenses run about $200 a month. Seems to me that if the take was about 8 times larger, I could call the internet a business and skip the rat race of wage labor.

I doubt I will ever get there. Even if I added more garbage internet advertising pages, it is unlikely that I will be able to do so at a rate faster than the rest of the marketing world is cluttering cyberspace. Counting the monthly take will always be a disappointment. Even worse, although I know ad pages do nothing except add clutter to the net, after counting the monthly take, I do a big realignment and add more ad pages.

To make the situation even more more pathetic. I figured, this month, I should misuse the power of the blog to point at the toilet bowl and say "look what I did! goo... goo... look!"

Anyway, among other silly things I added new ad pages to AFountainOfBargains.com. These are: home furnishings, health and pets. The noble idea behind this site was to have a clear separation between content creation and attempts to make cash. Each page centers on shopping themes. The content sites would feed excess traffic into the pit.

The problem is that I've run into a mental block and just haven't been making the content. It is so much easier to do mindless things like building databases of ads and pasting code than trying to thing of something that would actually be worthwhile for people to read.

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