Sunday, June 13, 2004

I went to the KRCL Day in the Park and spoke a bit with Pat Cutting. Apparently, she has been having some success selling her new poetry book. I hope she adds more stuff to her site.

Pat was representing the UNAU. The next scheduled meeting will be about Africa.

We spoke a little bit about American foreign policy. IMHO what is wrong with American foreign policy is that we do not define and defend ideals. Instead, the Straussian camp of thought is ruling. This camp says: "There is a multiplicity of ideals. Therefore, the US should define or pursue ideals in foreign relations. Therefore the US should only pursue interests." Note how this is just a recapping of the garbage dialectics of Zenos that made Athens such a poisonous place for Socrates.

The Straussians fail to recognize that the multiplicity of interests is a thousand times worse than the multiplicity of ideals. Basically, the Straussians interpret US interests as the interests of US multi-national corporations and the extreme rich and powerful men who make Washington a slimy place.

These people's interests are counter to the interests of the majority of Americans.

Anyway, I need to write up an article on this idea. The Straussian approach to public policy is simply a convoluted justification for powerful people to grub more power, unfortunately, Strauss is the one who laid the foundations for the New Republican Party.

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