Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"When They Go Low You Go High"

I find it a bit unnerving to hear people cheering when Hillary Clinton announcing the strategy: "When they go low you go high."

This phrase is not a commitment to truth or integrity. It is simply a reactionary strategy.

The term "reactionary" means that one's actions are determined by the opposition. Clinton is saying: "We are taking this approach, at this moment, because our opposition took that approach."

In a campaign where both candidates have huge negatives, this approach is simply disingenuous.

In some ways the strategy of exchanging barbs for barbs is more honest as it openly puts the weaknesses of the candidates on display.

Hillary Clinton has had decades of experience deflecting criticisms in the wake scandals. The scandals include Whitewater, Bill Clinton's impeachment for perjury, accusations of intimidation, mysterious deaths and an apparent pay for play scheme at the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

I know many people who admire Hillary for her ability to sit through hearings without flinching, but the weight of the scandals might someday come crashing in on the Clintons.

The strategy of "going high" when people are investigating a scandal is also called "deflection." Parents should know that a child's putting on a good face after stealing a cookie doesn't mean a cookie wasn't stolen.

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