Sunday, October 02, 2016

Expensive Educations and No Jobs

The talking point of the day is that many Millennials have had the following experience: They were encouraged by the education establishment to take out huge loans. (enriching the left leaning professoriat). The students entered a weak job market where they found themselves underemployed and saddled with debilitating debt.

The approach that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders take to the lack of jobs is to raise taxes and create a new Federal give-away programs that would make college free.

Bernie Sanders adds that he would like to see students raise up in revolution.

I want to point out of the foolishness of this approach. If there is a mismatch between our education and jobs, then taxing employers to pay for more of the same would only increase the disparity.

Personally, I look at the failure of the education system to deliver desired returns and conclude that we need to engage in a fundamental restructuring of education to align education with our needs.

I would start by challenging the education system itself. I would start by asking if a massive socialized education system is the best way to education the people in a free society?

The answer to education is huge and multifaceted. So I will leave this question hanging in the air for now.

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