Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Dictator Dictates

I hate the idea of a second Clinton term. Hillary Clinton stands for all of the corruption and weakness that has been systematically bringing our nation to its knees.

If I were running against Hillary, I would drive the point that her husband Bill Clinton signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000. This is the crazy piece of legislation that created that derivatives that brought down our economy in 2008.

The dirivative market was created by progressive economists in Ivy League universities. This market, created by the Clintons, was supposed to be like a huge insurance policy for Wall Street. If the market were to start collapsing, the derivatives would kick in and salvage profits for Wall Street and allow to market to correct itself.

What happened is that bankers printed trillions of dollars in dirivatives stacked upon dirivative and when the market collapses the dirivatives proved to be a house of cards. Instead of creating a shield against market bubbles, the Clinton's dirivative market created bubbles within bubble.

Even worse, the Clinton's dirivative market transferred trillions of dollars of wealth from America's middle and working class into the pockets of the Wall Street elite.

Did I mention? The signature on the Commodity Futures Modernization Act was that of William Jefferson Clinton and that the legislation that created the bubbles within bubbles that crashed the economy is also the reason that Wall Street lavishes the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign with millions of dollars.

I am not a fan of the derivatives market. Dirivatives do not create wealth. They are pieces of paper that transfer wealth from the people to the ruling elite.

Considering the deep, deep corruption of the Clintons, one would think that 2016 would be a shoo-in for the GOP.

Somehow, the GOP nominated the one candidate that Hillary Clinton is best positioned to beat: Donald Trump.

Now, I care more about ideas than politics. I have not been able to get behind Trump because Trump has failed to communicate any sound policies and he has failed to engage in the deliberation of ideas.

Trump likes to issue provocative statements. Trump's policy statements often come out as a shopping lists of sound bytes.

Trump comes across as a type of person who likes to control people by issuing dictates. This was a popular style last century. The world took to calling people who rule by issuing dictates a "dictator."

There is merit behind some of Trump's broad statements. Our nation needs to do something about its broken immigration platform.

Since Trump never goes much deeper than issuing broad statements, Hillary Clinton is able to frame efforts to support immigration law as a police state with SS Troops rounding up children.

The GOP is such and incredibly stupid and pathetic party. If the GOP discussed ideas they would win.

The illegal immigrants either crossed the border illegally or failed to follow the contract of their visa.  Enforcing immigration law is largely a matter of making sure that people follow the contract of their Visa and deporting people who fail to follow a written contract.

Simply saying that "I will deport people" comes off as a dictate from a dictator. Talking about the visa laws shows a person engaged in the act of deliberation.

We deport people who violate the terms of their visa or who fail to get visas because we love visitors and want a working visa system. That is not hatred. It is the act of a nation engaged in creating laws that allow extensive world travel.

I look at the 2016 presidential race and at a GOP that simply refuses to discuss ideas and issues dictates where there should be debate concede that, while Hillary Clinton numbers among the worst candidates in US history, the GOP deserves to lose.

While it is true that the Democratic Party and the Clinton Machine are corrupt to the core. History shows that one cannot solve such problems through dictates. We are stuck with a bad choice of continuing corruption or electing in a person who will try to solve the corruption by issuing dictates.

Unfortunately, continuing the corruption for another four years is better than electing a person who will fail to solve any of our problems.

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