Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Violence at Trump Rallies

Project Veritas offers videos showing left-wing operators set on infiltrating and inciting violence at Trump rallies.

Like mindless drones they are, the media and the professoriat parrot use the manufactured events to push the false narrative that Republicans are violent Nazi-like creatures.

The technique is not new. The left tried to pull this garbage during the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party was about ideas. To the fury of the left, Tea Party patriots politely confronted the provocateurs with ideas and efforts to label the Tea Party as violent failed.

Unlike Tea Party Patriots, Trump is bellicose in his rhetoric. Trump made attacking "politically correct" speech a fundamental principle of his campaign.

Trump's rhetoric appeals to a hard working middle class that wants to stand up against an increasingly corrupt political elite.

The Trump campaign is not a violent movement. The sad truth is that Trump's rhetorical style makes it easier for the left to frame his campaign as such.

The left does not deal in truth. The heart of the Alynskian/Marxian style of discourse is that intellectuals can create a new reality by framing stories and through the creation of false narratives (aka lying).

The left uses this technique because it works.

A case in point is the great success the left has had in convincing students that America's police force is a racist entity that kills black people for sport.

The long sordid history of Socialism is an uninterrupted string of such propaganda techniques.

Socialist groups (like the Nazis) would target a group for a nationwide people's struggle and rise to power on the discontent they manufactured. It creates unrest that can only be appeased by expanding the state.

Wait a second, you didn't know that the National Socialist Party of Germany (The Nazis) were socialists?!

Well, you must have gone to a progressives school. Progressives skip little tidbits like this as they manufacture history with false narratives.

Another juicy tidbit that few people today know is that the KKK was a left-wing group associated with the Democratic Party. Quite frankly, I see very little difference between the Ku Klux Klan and Black Lives Matter ... other than the color of the skin ... which is superficial.

One can find another great example of propaganda in the rise of Vladimir Putin.

There was a series of apartment bombings in Moscow in 1999. The bombers used high grade explosives that were available only to the Russian military. There is widespread suspicion that the FSB (the revamped KGB) were behind the acts.

Putin used these bombings to crack down on the Chechen people and to consolidate his regime.

It appears that the leader of the Communist world incited violence then successfully used that violence to rise to power.

I applaud Project Veritas for uncovering blatant attempts by the left to infiltrate and cause violence at Trump rallies.

The problem our nation faces with Trump is that Trump has inadvertently created a style where this type of propaganda can work.

If Trump wins, the left will amp up its anti-American rhetoric. Trump will attempt to counter by putting down the left.

Trump's top-down approach to economic reform is unlikely to lead to improvement in the lives of the working and lower class. This will create an opening for a much more radical leftwing movement in 2020.

If Hillary wins the following will happen:

  • The left will try to put a muzzle on its attack dogs.
  • Hillary is likely to move her positions to the right to position herself for a win in 2020.
  • The Clinton have been involved in a huge number of scandals. These include Whitewater, mysterious deaths, Bill Clinton's impeachment for perjury.
  • Wikileaks shows that the Democratic Party was complicit in undermining Bernie Sander's campaign and for manipulating the GOP primary and the general election.

The scandals of the Clintons are so blatant that the press will be forced to address the scandals.

The Nation will move right under Hillary.

Here is a video by Project Veritas:

We have a corrupt ruling class. Unfortunately, the style of corruption demonstrated by the Democrats this campaign season can be effective. Much as I hate the fact that Democrats and Hillary use such corrupt techniques to gain power. I believe that history shows that the best approach for us at this time to content ourselves with exposing the corruption of the left for this election cycle and for the GOP to find a nominee for 2020 who does not fall as easily into the socialist narrative for 2020.

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