Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's the People

The people matter more than the president.

It is true that when a nation has a popular president,  the people will follow the presidency.

However, when a nation has an unpopular president, the nation will move in the opposite direction of the president.

Obama is a popular president who was weened on the ideals of the socialist Saul Ailinsky. Obama's presidency moved our nation leftward. Obama's politics stifled our economy and made the world a more dangerous place.

Clinton is a corrupt technocrat who is emblematic of the entrenched bureaucracy created by the socialist mindset. The Clinton platform is simply that we should take a failing government and make it bigger.

The Clintons have been involved in a long series of scandals including Whitewater, an Impeachment for perjury, a truly failed foreign policy in Iraq and Syria along with overt Pay-to-play schemes in the Secretary of State Office and with scandals involving corruption in the selection of the Democratic nominee for president.

The scandal sheet is so egregious that the press cannot ignore it.

Donald Trump is a populist candidate whose primary campaign theme is protectionism and desire to renegotiate deals. Trump has a history of throwing aside the ideals of liberty to get his deals through.

I fear that Trump will not only be an unpopular presidency. I fear that Trump will be so desperate to prove his merits by building things that he will throw our remaining liberties under the bus to make deal.

The likely outcome of a Trump presidency is that the left will up its anti-American rhetoric. Trump, desperate to make deals, will sell out the ideals of the Republican Party and moving our nation leftward.

In four years, we will see a invigorated left, a fractured GOP and a weakening of American ideals.

Realizing that the people will move in the opposite direction of an unpopular president, I feel that a Clinton presidency might be better for this nation than a Trump presidency.

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