Friday, December 27, 2013

What Do Independents Want?

Reports are that the Chamber of Commerce and big business will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the upcoming campaign to diminish the role of independent thinkers in the GOP for the 2014 race.

This strategy is based on one dimensional thinking. The GOP establishment supports the idea that political thinking is a straight line from Left to Right. The GOP establishment considers itself to be the fair and balanced middle between the two extremes.

In the one-dimensional model held by the GOP establishment, independents are moderates who seek establishment candidates, like Mitt Romney, who present themselves as moderates.

This political model is a form of dialectics.

I am going to put forward a different theory.

My theory starts with a belief that world of ideas is more than simple line from left and right.

I propose that the world of ideas is a multidimensional space. I further stipulate that each person develops a unique perspective of this space during their life.

I propose that Independents are not moderates, but independent thinkers.

An independent thinker is a person who takes pride in developing their own personal perspective of the world of ideas. Independents are not simply looking for moderation. I believe that independent thinkers are guided in their political discourse by their unique independent thoughts.

The way to attract independents is to find ways to engage independents in open discourse.

Conservatives have a nasty habit of simply dictating their ideas to others. Conservatives have so thoroughly bought into the view that they are right and liberals wrong, that Conservatives tend to be insufferable. A great example here is the way that Sean Hannity shouts past guests then feigns the role of the victim when people disagree with him.

Independents are turned off by the "conservative style."

While the "conservative style" of debate puts independents off, I suspect that most independents love the ideas the US Founders had about independence.

Hmmm, could it be that independents are attracted to independence?

If this is the case, then the Chamber is Commerce is wrong in its belief that the way to attract independence is through moderation.

I believe that independents are attracted to independence and that the way to attract this element of the population is for the freedom movement to put its conservative style aside for a season or two and actually engage in talks about independence.

For example, I will be hosting a workshop on health freedom on January 2nd in Salt Lake City.

In this workshop I will present a model for funding health care. I will then seek input on the model.

The workshop will start with an hour long presentation. I will then open the floor to a moderated discussion on free market health care reform.

The presentation has a large number of insightful ideas. The goal of the program is to provide insight with an understanding that each person will actually walk away from the presentation with different feelings.

 I believe that engaging independent thinkers in conversation will increase the likelihood that they support free market oriented candidates and I am really hoping that some one shows up for the event.

My mantra here is that independents like independence.

The other mistake the Chamber of Commerce is that they belief the current economic mess is a business problem.

If you look at the stock market, business is doing well.

I believe that our problem is in the realm of personal finance. More Americans are on government assistance than ever. Students face an unreal debt level from college and the new ObamaCare legislation and see a dismal future.

By nature, the Chamber of Commerce is run by a group of business insiders. Business insiders see the world from the inside out. Members of the Chamber of Commerce develop a top-down view of the economy.

If one takes a broader view of the economy, one will see that insiders with insider connections are thriving, while the rest of the country is languishing.

The way to solve the economic problems and win the election is for the freedom movement to concentrate on personal finance.

IMHO, the individual mind is the true driving force behind the economy. Improving individual finance will improve the business climate and lead to prosperity.

I believe that the members of the freedom movement need to stand up against the Chamber of Commerce. We need to engage in open discourse with independents. This open discourse should emphasize personal finance over business.

Again, this is the direction that I am taking with my Health Freedom Workshop which will take place on January 2nd at a private residence in Salt Lake City.

I am willing to take this show on the road, but I need to find a way to fund the travel.

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