Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Freedom Is Not a Closed Door

Modern Conservatism was created by the same mixed up dialectics as Modern Liberalism.  The Left/Right split came from the French Revolution. The philosophical foundation of both the Right and Left came from the likes of Hegel and not the U.S. Founders.

The Right of the 1800s sought to preserve the social structure of the ancient regime and The Left sought radical social change. Neither position serves as a solid foundation for society. Both are intellectually corrupt.

My last posts point out that the polygamous cults of the 1800s were in fact a right wing reaction to the Founding of our Nations. Polygamous cults formed into a top down hierarchy preserve the top-down social order conservatives crave. This structure reduces the majority of the population to serfdom ... which is what the classic conservative craves.

Utah is a closed society that is openly hostile to open inquiry and innovative ideas.

I would be supporting Conservatives. But a closed society set on reactionary thinking is unable to solve problems.

We are a full five years into the health care debate. Conservatives had multiple opportunities to stop the PPACA Legislation. Conservatives fumbled at each opportunity.

The reason Conservatives keep fumbling is because reactionary movements are more inclined to inclined to engage in obstruction than in open inquiry for finding solutions to the problems of the day.

I love the US Founders. They not only supported the cause of liberty and small government. The US Founders were willing to engage in open inquiry.

For the last five years, I've had the single minded goal of simply finding a group of people interested in engaging in open inquiry in regards to the Health Care problem.

I am a mathematician who used to work as a programmer for an insurance company. I wrote and administered programs to track health care claims and calculate premiums for the insurance industry. I realized that that pooled insurance created system faults in both health care and the financial system at large.

I could not, in good conscience, continue working for insurance; So, I left and set forth on a multi-year quest to find an alternative.

I engaged in sound thinking and research about health care, and developed a presentation on the free market financing of health care.

The presentation provides valuable insight into the question of financing health care.

But for five, going on six years, I've been unable to find a single person who is willing to spend time engaged in open inquiry about health care.

I live in the most conservative state of the Union. Salt Lake City is the most conservative area East of Tehran. One has to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to find a people more closed minded and conservative than Provo. The polygamous cults in Colorado City, Utah are even to the right of Mecca!!!!

But, this idea that we should close our minds and concentrate solely on the creation of an entrenched top-down hierarchy that actively oppresses open inquiry and innovative ideas fails.

I simply cannot figure out Conservatism. How is it that people fall for the idea that closing ones mind and stifling innovation will lead to a better society?

Modern Conservatism is as mixed up as Modern Liberalism.

We cannot solve the health care issue simply by closing our minds, obstructing the opposition while refusing to discuss ideas.

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