Friday, December 13, 2013

2014 Budget Deal

The US Debt Clock is up about $250B from the dreaded government shutdown that unsuccessfully sought to rein in the uncontrolled Federal Spending. The shutdown and total capitulation of fiscal conservatives during the shut down shows that the fiscally sane simply do not have the clout to stand against Reid and Obama.

I dislike the budget deal, I believe that the best hope for the freedom movement is to skip this battle and concentrate all efforts on educating people on the inherent corruption in state run health care and to concentrate on taking the Senate and unseating Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

Burning up political clout fighting losing battles is a sure fire way to lose the struggle for the future of America. The Tea Party needs to be smart and chose which battles to fight. Above all, people need to use tact and reason in the effort to restore America; otherwise the left will be able to frame us as a lunatic fringe.

Passing on a fight that won't go well shows tact.

We are stuck passing a bad budget because the government shutdown proves that Obama and Reid will neither negotiate or compromise. The forces of sanity must gain power in Congress to stand against Reid.

If the GOP captures the Senate, we can put Reid down.

The issue that would win the say is Health Care Reform.

If there was a group in America brave enough to meet in a room and discuss Free Market Health Care Reform, that group could make an impact.

PS: I would be thrilled to attend a meeting where people discussed free market health care reform. I've been looking for a group to discuss the topic for the last five (going on six years) and have found none. I live in Utah.

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