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Conservatism, Clansmanship and Closed Societies

Conservatives do not have a coherent plan to overturn PPACA and restore health freedom.

The only way to .create such a plan is to engage in open inquiry.

As a matter of principle, conservatives do not engage in open inquiry; thus it is impossible for Conservatives to overturn PPACA.

I strongly believe in ideals of the US Founders who were people who engaged in open inquiry. The US Founders were not conservatives. The Conservatives of 1776 stood with the British and leveled their musket fire at the Founders.

I want to engage in the open inquiry process that could lead to repeal of PPACA. Oddly, I am stuck with no money living in the most Conservative State of the Union.

Rather than confronting PPACA, as I would like, I find myself struggling under the leaden boot of Conservatives. I am forced to confront this stupid ideology called "conservatism" before I can take on PPACA.

Modern Conservatism was a creation of the same dialectical process that produced Modern Liberalism. The Left and Right are simply two different sides of the same coin. The two sides of a coin are made of the same medal. This is why the state grows under both Leftist and Rightist regimes.

The partisan ideology of conservatism did not come from the US Founders. The Founders hated the partisanship of England. The Left/Right Split came from the French Revolution. The Left wanted radical social change. The right wanted to preserve the social structure of the monarchy.

The greatest thinker of Modern Conservatism is a German named Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831).

Yes, Hegel was as German as the Kings of England. As you see, the Hanoverian Kings of England funded the German University System and charged the University with reframing the monarchy as progressive.

Hegel comes out and says that he was rewriting the Divine Right of Kings in pseudo-philosophical jargon to make it appear progressive.

The US Founders used open inquiry and sound classical logical to make solid arguments for the rights of the individual. The classical liberals began to develop logical models which showed that allowing people to optimize their personal resources would effectively optimize the resources of the community at large.

The Founders engaged in open inquiry and created the Constitution.

Conservative Reactionaries such as Hegel were losing logical disputations; so they did what rogues always do. If you can't win the argument through reason, then you need to cut at the roots of reason.

Hegel created modern logic which rejected the basic principles of classical logic. He then created a strange philosophy of history claiming the world evolved through a series of thesis/anti-thesis conflicts with nation-states being actors on the world stage.

The Divine Right of Kings claimed that the monarchy was created by a Covenant with God that stretched back to Ancient Israel. Society was organized in a top-down fashion with power flowing from the King through the Lords and Ladies of the Feudal order to the serfs.

Hegel's Philosophy of History claims that history evolves through conflict between nation states organized in a top-down hierarchy. This nation-states act out thesis/antithesis conflicts.

I live in Utah. Utah was founded by an arch-conservative group called the Mormons.

This group appeared in the late 1820s and early 1830s when Hegel was the absolute rage in American.

Hegel's philosophy of history created a fantastical conflict-driven view of European history claiming that the emerging monarchy of Germany was destined to be the primary actor on the world stage.

The Mormons created an even more fantastical conflict-driven history of the New World. This history claimed that Native Americans were descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel who came to the Americas millennia earlier via submarines.

This society had a conflict between two groups. The Nephites were white and delightsome people favored by the Heavenly father. The Lamanites were a dark and loathsome people.

One day, King Benjamin decided to give the people an election. The dark and loathsome Lamanites won the election. This led to a war and genocide.

Covenant Theory holds that history evolves through a series of covenants. This history is written in our very skin. The first covenant was with Adam and Eve. When they broke that covenant, God gave men an Adam's Apple and made childbirth painful.

Their children were Cain and Abel. In a jealous fit, Cain killed Abel. God was displeased and made the descendants of Cain black and the descendants of Abel white. This is why it is okay for whites to enslave blacks for the sin committed by Cain.

Brigham Young revealed that Blacks could not receive the priesthood because they are descendants of Cain and is made clear by dark skin.

The Book of Mormon is about a conflict between "White and Delightsome" Nephites and "Dark and Loathsome" Lamanites.

I am sorry. This ideology makes me disgusted beyond belief. Utah is ruled by a group of people who claim divine authority based on racist observation that people from different regions of the world are of different color.

After presenting a fantastical racist history, Joseph Smith claimed that God revealed a new covenant instructing Joseph Smith to create a new political hierarchy with Joseph Smith at the top.

The Divine Right of Kings, Hegel and Joseph Smith all have the exact same structure. They present a conflict driven view of history guided by a supernatural force that determines one political hierarchy has the right to lord over others.

This is the heart of Modern Conservatism.

Mormonism has a very interesting modern logic. The Book of Mormon appears to be a lie … just as Obama's statement that you get to keep your health care or doctor appears to be a lie. This book that appears to be a lie is in fact a higher truth.

The Mormon epistemology claims that truth flows via revelation through the political hierarchy of the church.

The Church is truth; therefore that which makes The Church stronger is true. That which makes it weaker is false.

Progressives do not see Obama's statement a lie. The cause of socialism is the greatest truth. If telling people they can keep their doctor will advance the progression to socialism, then it is a truth.

In the light of modern logic one can ask: Is Mormonism a racist ideology?

Mormons say, well, racism is an unpopular image. It hurts The Church. Therefore, Mormonism is not a racist ideology.

Gentiles, with their misplaced faith in classical logic, look and see a group claiming divine authority because they are "white and delightsome" and dismissing natives as "dark and loathsome." Applying classical logic to this scenario indicates a racist ideology.

Arguments of classical logic do not hold to people who adhere to modern. Obama did not lie. He simply said what had to be said to progress the cause. Mormonism is not racist, because saying such does not advance the cause.

Mormonism is an arch-conservative ideology set to restore the social order of Feudalism.

The Divine Right of Kings claimed the monarchy had a Covenant with God, and that a great political hierarchy flowed down from the monarchy through the feudal lords to the serfs.

Mormonism claims a new Covenant with God that establishes a new political hierarchy with the Seer Revelator and Prophet (the President of the Church) on the top.

The New Covenant demands that the politically powerful men toward the top of the hierarchy take on multiple wives to seal the power of the new hierarchy.

Polygamy is not simply a lifestyle choice. God commands that the politically powerful start clans with multiple wives. The politically powerful are assigned wives or denied wives on their service to the political hierarchy.

Conservatism appeared in the 1800s as a means to preserve the social hierarchy of feudalism.

One cannot get more Conservative than through the creation of a clan system formed in the shape of a huge political hierarchy.

Utah is the most conservative state in the union. The polygamous clans are the most conservative element of the most conservative state. Polygamist clans formed into a great political hierarchy isn't just a conservative ideal. It is the most severely conservative idea going.

Utah is the most Conservative state West of Tehran. With the restoration of polygamy we will see the rise of great polygamous warlords ruling over swatches of America just as polygamous warlords rule over Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The evil Liberals of Washington DC forced Utah to give up polygamy as a condition of statehood. It appears that this ban will finally fall and the conservative ideal of polygamous warlords ruling vast sections of the United States will be realized within a generation.

America has turned from a land of promise to a nightmare. The Left is seeking to socialize health care, while the buffoons on the Right are supporting the restoration of polygamy and our once beautiful nation is being torn apart.

I listen to all the closed-minded people screaming for "conservatism." They scream for conservatism and don't even thing about what the term means.

The Left/Right split did not come from the Founders. This split came from Europe. It is not in the Constitution.

The Right is an ideology that seeks to preserve the social order of the monarchy in the age of revolution. The Left is an ideology that seeks radical social change.

Modern Conservatism and Modern Liberalism are both part of the same corrupt dialectical process. The Left and Right yell past each other, while rogues on both sides create deeply corrupt social structures that oppress the people.

Please, look at Iran and Saudi Arabia. You cannot get more conservative than Iran. This is the direction that closed-minded conservatism is taking our nation.

The closed FLDS clans, where young girls are traded among rich older men like trading cards, is Modern Conservatism in its rawest true form.

This Left/Right split was the creation of the enemies of freedom.

Neither the Left/Right Split, nor the great partisan divide was written the Constitution.

Why do these people called "conservatives" hold their partisan agitation in higher esteem than the Constitution?

The Founders of this nation were part of a great classical liberal tradition. They engaged in open inquiry and did amazing things.

If we want to give our children a world worth inheriting, I believe we should engage in the same open inquiry that created the Constitution and avoid the New Think of the Modern Age that simply creates entrenched power bases.

So, here I sit in the Most Conservative State of the Union and I am unable to find anyone interested in standing against socialized medicine.

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