Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Engine of Growth

Progressives believe with all of their heart that government is the engine of growth and that people are just needy little greed backs that suck energy from the collective.

This idea that the government is the engine of growth is ancient ... reaching back to the slave labor that built the pyramids, to ancient Rome and other failed empires.

The progressives who are screeching at the top of their lungs that any cut in government will lead to ruin stand shoulder to shoulder with a tradition that includes Lenin, Mao, King George the Third and the great emperors of Rome that the government is the source of civilization and that the people are parasites to the government.

Haven't you ever noticed the sneers on the faces of the far left. Those sneers form because they see the collective as the body and you as a parasite.

In this view, cutting government cuts the engine of growth and leads to ruin.

If they are wrong and they are the parasite, then the progressives which captured the government and our institutions of higher learning are leading us to ruin.

I would love to make the argument that individuals are the engine of growth. I have a wonderful presentation on free market health care reform ... if anyone wants to see it.

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