Monday, February 18, 2013

Karl Rove

I was stunned. I watched a bit of Chris Wallace's news show in which Karl Rove lambasted Tea Party candidates because many of the Tea Party candidates were unwilling to sell out to big business.

I am not a Republican. I am independent to the core. Personally, I see Karl Rove as the symbol of all that is wrong with the Republican Party. He is a primary reason that I do not support the Republican Party. Karl Rove is a primary reason that I see four more years of Obama as better than Romney.

Karl Rove was "The Architect" behind the Bush Administration and behind the disastrous Romney campaign.

Before that, Karl Rove was the campaign adviser for Phil Gram. Phil Gram, as I am sure you recall, was the Republican cosponsor the "Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000." This is the bill that created the derivatives that magnified the economic crash of 2008. The Bill was sponsored by Democrats and signed by Clinton, without The Architect and Phil Graham, it would never have passed.

The "Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000" was a huge give away to big finance that wrought havoc in the financial sector and in our communities.

What you may not know is that Karl Rove "shares Utah Values." Yep, like Harry Reid and Mitt Romney, Karl Rove "shares Utah values."

Have you ever noticed, there is almost no difference between the way Harry Reid and Karl Rove go about politics? Harry Reid and Karl Rove are like clones of each other. Both routinely sell out to big money. Both politicians actively suppress debate and have identical visions of America ruled by a top-heavy technocracy. Both Karl Rove and Harry Reid are fully committed to the same top-down health plan. Both seek to impose Health Exchanges on the American public. Both gain power by shutting down public discourse.

If I were a Republican, I personal would be ashamed of the career of Karl Rove. He was the architect behind Phil Gramm which led to the Commodity Futurization Act of 2000. He was the architect behind George Bush and was a primary force of the debt spending and government expansion during the Bush years. George W. Bush brought on government expansion which rival Lyndon Johnson.

Do any of you remember how Karl Rove pushed the Iraq War which killed over 500,000 people without resulting in mideast stability?

I am not a Republican. Personally, I admire the members of the members of the Tea Party who did not sell out to big finance. In my opinion, it is Karl Rove and the Republican establishment that keep wreaking havoc on our nation.

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