Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Regulating Guns Through Insurance

Democrats in California (Mercury News) hope to regulate guns through insurance. They've introduced legislation that requires gun owners to buy liability insurance for their guns.

Juries in liability cases are apt to award huge settlements for any case involving guns; so, the premiums for gun liability insurance would be enormous.

Requiring liability insurance would immediately achieve the objective of eliminating gun ownership among working class families. It would also provide an extremely powerful tool for gun control nuts to regulate the industry.

For example, juries are likely to give a higher award if a shooting involves a scary looking gun with a high capacity magazine; So, the insurance for a scary looking AR gun would be substantially higher than for a small caliber pistol even if the damage done is the same.

The effect of requiring middle class gun owners to buy expensive liability insurance would be to pull hundreds of millions of dollars out of middle class pockets and into big banks and the coffers of the political class.

Lawyers would benefit from huge gun liability pools. However, the biggest winner of gun insurance laws would be gun lobbying groups like the NRA which would sell the insurance.

I would not be surprised to find that the movers and shakers in the NRA were thrilled at the possibility of laws requiring gun insurance, because the NRA would make millions from such a scheme.

I contend that if California adopts legislation requiring insurance, that within a few short years, the NRA would become the chief advocate of gun insurance.

The gun issue is not my bag.

My primary interest is free market health care reform.

I find this fact that the left is seeking to regulate guns through insurance intriguing because this is the same model they used to take control of health care.

Last century, health insurance was introduced by progressives as a means to regulate health care.

Rather than improving health care, insurance has created greater inequities in health care.

For five years, I've been hoping to find a group willing to discuss the effects insurance has on health care and to discuss alternatives to insurance.

Perhaps the proposed legislation that seeks to regulate guns through insurance will open the eyes of Tea Party Groups. If so, I would be more than happy to give my presentation on how insurance adversely affects health care and how we could create a better health care system with free market reforms.

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