Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Health Care Could be the Winning Issue

Obama is successfully using the gun issue to create division and diversion. Although it is highly unlikely that Obama could pass gun prohibitions, Conservatives are likely to react themselves into a corner and alienate the electorate.

The freedom movement would probably win the day if ever there was a group of liberty lovers brave enough to discuss free market health care.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is so married to the Insurance Industry that it is physically impossible to get a Conservative to sit in a room to discuss free market health care reform.

Insurance is not free market health care. Insurance was a contrivance of progressives to overcome perceived failings of the free market.

Since is is physically impossible for a Republican to actually apply the concepts they principles they preach to the challenges of the day, any attempt to start a conversation on health freedom is doomed.

Health Care could be a winning issue for the freedom movement. All that it would take is for a few brave people to meet to discuss free market health care. Unfortunately, since people have taken to the foolish notion that closed-mindedness and base-reaction can conserve liberty, such a meeting could never take place.

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