Friday, March 01, 2013

Tea Party v. Groomed GOP

Yes, some of the Tea Party candidates were silly and were unelectable.

Need I remind you? An extremely large number of the groomed candidates have proven disastrous as well.

Mitt Romney was groomed for the presidency from birth. He fit the image of electability to a tee, and lost big time in 2012.  Many Republicans went down on the coattails of Romney.

In contrast, during the Tea Party election of 2010, there was palpable energy and all elements of the Republican rose with the enthusiasm.

The most disastrous episode in Republican history was the Bush Administration. The Bush administration was a solid 8 years of groomed candidates who held re-election over ideals. The Bush Administration expanded government at every turn. Increased spending to buy re-election.

When all was said and done, the Republican Party was left with nothing but scandal with Obama and the Democrats winning a super majority.

The idea that electability trumps ideals is wrong on two levels. A long history of scandals has proven that groomed candidates are as likely to be flawed as idealistic Tea Party candidates.

When groomed candidates win, they are more likely to sell out the ideals of a free society than the idealistic ones.

Republicans won big in 2010 when people were talking about ideals.

Republicans lost in 2012 and 2008 when grooming was the primary concern.

Both Romney and McCain were perfectly groomed. Both matched the Republican ideal of an electable candidate.

Both lost.

In the long run, winning the war of ideas is far more important than any given candidacy. The freedom movement would do well to get off this kick that electability matters more than ideas and discuss ideas.

NOTE: For the last five years I've been hoping to find a group of people willing to meet and talk about free market health care?

I confess. I am an independent and not a Republican. I think the GOP should be ashamed that people who want to talk about free market ideals are completely shut out. I spent every penny I had and drove over 10,000 to find some one in the Republican Party interested in overturning PPACA.

If I was a member of the GOP, I would be ashamed of my party for shutting people out like it does.

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