Friday, March 08, 2013

Zion Curtains

I like enhancing web site posts with stock images.

Today's post is about the Utah Zion Curtain Law. This law requires restaurants to install an expensive barrier to save customers from viewing the sinful act of pouring liquor into a glass.

So, I found a stock image relevant to the post. Realizing that many readers my find the image disturbing I used a little Javascript to create my own Zion Curtain.

If you press "Click to view objectionable image" you can enhance this post with an image.

But, I warn you, DO NOT PRESS THE LINK unless you are over twenty-one and have the moral fortitude of on ox. You need the moral fortitude of an ox to see this image, I tell-ya. The moral fortitude of an ox.

Simply by including such seductive images in this post (in words of John Valentine R-Orem) "we are crossing that line we should not be crossing."

Click to view objectionable image

As noted in the past. Utah Republicans use free market rhetoric to gain power, then actively suppress debate about substantive free market reform. For example, in five years I've been unable to find a single Utah Republican willing to spend an afternoon to talk about free market health care reform. Any attempts to start a discussion is kicked to the ground.

You would think people who use free market rhetoric to gain power would welcome discussion of free market reform. Oppressive conservatives will not tolerate discussions that give people control of their own health care. Since people are not allowed to discuss freedom to control the care for their own body, it brings up the question what are people allowed to talk about here in the Arch-Conservative state of Zion?

Well, there is the ever-important issue of legislating morality.

In 2009, to protect Utah citizens from bearing witness to the sin of pouring wine into a glass, the Arch-Conservative Utah legislature passed a law requiring restaurants to install a thing called a "Zion Curtain."

So, in the heart of a recession, restaurants were required to install expensive barriers that serve no function beyond appeasing the the self-righteousness of Conservative legislature. The law has been unevenly applied. Some restaurants were forced into expensive remodeling projects and others given a pass.

Restaurants have united against the law and have forced enough of the legislature to reconsider the hypocrisy. This stupid law is being reconsidered in 2013.

Mormons are people who whine about ObamaCare while routinely engaging in the same totalitarian thinking. Meanwhile, Independents like me see the Republican Party as disgusting as the Democratic Party.

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