Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Painfully Slow


I feel like I am in an alternate universe called "Broken."

On the third of the month (nine days ago) I decided that I wanted to add maps to Protophoto.com. This project should have taken eight hours at most.

 I had taken some pictures of Holladay and recorded the addresses of the pictures (that was easy).

I started by looking up the latitudes and longitudes of the addresses. The process was really quick at the beginning, then started to slow down. The service I use throttles address look ups (which is fine).

When I was done with that, I began the process of integrating the addresses with the Google Map API. I've used Google Maps multiple times to show a small number of points on a map. The moment I tried pushing the envelope with Google Maps, Google Maps pushed back and began behaving odd.

Perhaps the problem was my antivirus software, or perhaps I hit a site with a javascript exploit.

See, Google Maps uses a great deal of javascript. I went to numerous different sites to see how they implemented the Google Map API.

My antivirus software scrutinizes every character of javascript. Not only were the maps going slow, the antivirus software began consuming all of my computer's resources as I visited different sites to check out their scripts. Maybe one of them included a javascript exploit with their Google Map? Who knows?

To make matters more interesting, my ISP began crashing. The crashing affected every site on the network. and I had to reboot the DSL modem multiple times.

When dealing with a combinations of slow web sites, slow modems and a slow ISP, my website crashed. The NetStatus report at my WebHost told me that something bad happened to the server and they migrated me to new hardware. This took a whole day.

This combination of problems created a scenario where each action took an hour or more to accomplish.

The combination of hardware and software glitches made checking Twitter and blogging painfully slow as well.

To make matters even worse, the hinge that holds the gate between the house and driveway explored. It shattered into slivers; so I had to build a new gate door.

After all of the drama trying to make google maps work, I decided to take a more direct approach to mapping. I now download PNG versions of maps from OpenStreetMap.org

I had a really horrible last ten days in which my computer, anti-virus software, ISP, web host and front gate all crashed on me.

In ten days, I was only able to make two maps. The first map is of Downtown Holladay. I also made a bigger map that shows all of Holladay.

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