Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sutherland Institute is as Bad as the Left

Projection is a favorite tool of the left. Marx (and Freud) taught their minions to project their methods onto their opponents. This increases the division in society.

Paul Mero provides a great example of projection. He begins with a self-righteous claim that he is "mocked and ridiculed." He then uses his pulpit at the Sutherland Institute to mock and ridicule opponents to Utah's sex ed bill.

There is growing support for abstinence based sex-ed curriculum. Sutherland Institute shows that school districts representing 24% of the state's schools have adopted the program he wants and that many other school districts in Utah have sex-ed programs that are very close to the one he promotes.

Up until the legislation, the Sutherland Institute was winning the war of ideas.

Rather than winning the war of ideas for abstinence based education, Sutherland pushes a totalitarian plan called "Abstinence Only," and imposes this totalitarian solution through the State.

"Only" is an absolute. By supporting the "Abstinence Only" law, the supposedly free market oriented Sutherland Institute is being a totalitarian statist.

What is really absurd is that Sutherland Institute's decision to force an absolute system undermined support for abstinence based sex-education.

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