Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Religion As a Voting Block

I lived in Idaho for several summers. It is a beautiful mountain state. There is a large wilderness area in the center of the state dividing it up into distinct regions; so, there is usually big differences in the vote by region.

The one unifying topic of conversation throughout the state is a distaste of East Coast Ruling Elite. In both Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, the locals will spew forth a gusher on the subject of East Coast Ruling Elite.

Most Idaho Republicans profess a strong distaste for government controlled health care.

Does anyone think it odd that Mormons in the state are walking in and voting 97% for the most liberal of the four presidential candidate ... a candidate who just happens to have been the governor of Massachusetts and who was a principle architect of the government take over of health care?

I contend that, when a religion is organized as a voting block with the express intent of gaining power, that religion must be a topic in the election.

The Super Tuesday vote has me really sad. I want to see people talking about restoring health freedom, and the Republican Party is not shaping up as a vehicle for discussing this issue. Instead it is aimed at capturing PPACA and not replacing it.

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