Friday, March 09, 2012

Spirit Babies of the Heavenly Kingdom, Rejoice!

Spirit babies of the heavenly kingdom rejoice! Many of you will now be released into the wombs of uneducated single Utah teens.

A week ago, the culture war was about the Obama Administration using PPACA to impose mandates that religious groups pay for contraceptive methods they find morally objectionable.

This week, the Conservative Utah legislature passed an over-reaching abstinence-only sex education curriculum for Utah public schools.

Both Progressives and Conservatives are about using the power of the state to impose their views.

I find this really sad. The conservative Utah legislature used freedom rhetoric to rise to power in response to the abuse of power of the Obama Administration.

But they are not working against that abuse of power. Last year the Utah Legislature was among the first to adopt the Health Exchanges of PPACA. For those who are unclear on health care reform. PPACA (ObamaCare) is a centralized health exchange. A centralized health exchange gives the state control over defining health care while big insurance companies speculate on the costs of delivering the care.

The Utah Legislature was so eager to pass the exchanges that Utah Republicans actively suppressed all arguments against exchanges.

In a presidential debate, Jon Huntsman actually had the temerity to claim that the top-down state controlled exchanges were the free market, when there are only cosmetic differences between the Utah Law and PPACA (ObamaCare).

By voting conservative, Utah is now stuck with a corrupt centralized exchange, and conservatives who want to use the top-heavy government to force their views on social issues.

Conservatives do not support freedom. They use freedom rhetoric to rise to power then launch into culture war.

Yes, I know. Conservatives have a long proud tradition in American politics that reaches back to the Revolutionary War (when they fought for the British). I wish America would wake up and realize that neither progressives nor conservatives are champions of the free society. They are both rogues who use freedom rhetoric and culture war to rise to power and dominate.

Conservatives are not going to repeal the centralized exchanges of ObamaCare. They seek merely to capture the devices. While I was looking forward to 2012 as a time of restoration, I am now staring at the rise of Conservatism as a negative for the nation.

Life will not be good for the spirit babies released into the tummies of uneducated Utah teens for the conservative overlords that seek to use the power of state to dominate are every bit as bad as the progressive overlords they seek to replace.

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