Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conservatives Need to Talk Ideas

Newt Gingrich made a great point.

If the opposition kept Romney from getting a majority of delegates, there might be a brief moment in which Republicans actually discussed ideas.

Wouldn't that be wonderful? To actually hear conservatives discuss ideas!

Republicans usually just react.

The primary concern of conservatism is the preservation of the social order (not freedom). When conservatives talk ideas, it is usually about how to use big government to impose social views. For example, the Conservatives in Utah used their political klout to remove science based sex-education from the public schools. (yippie)

Unfortunately, Newt's latest idea is the lame notion that he could bring $2.50 gas. I stated in a different post that this unlikely because Obama's loose monetary policy has devalued the dollar. Because of the credit contraction, we have not experienced the full brunt of loose monetary policy.  Newt's promise cannot be fulfilled because of inflation.

Republicans need real ideas.

Repealing ObamaCare is not a real idea. It is a reaction. Enough of ObamaCare is in place that it can't simply be repealed.

The only way to undo this monstrousity is to come up with an idea to replace ObamaCare.

I push the idea of Health Freedom.

This is a real idea that is much stronger than fantasies like $2.50 gas.

Health Freedom is the radical idea that people own their own bodies and they should own the resources used to care for their body. If people paid for care from resources they owned, then we could restore the doctor/patient relation.

This is a fully formed idea that is not simply a reaction.

I have even gone as far at to create a mathematically viable device to restore health freedom called the Medical Savings and Loan. It is administered by people called Health Care Advocates.

I've tried for a solid three years to get conservatives to talk about health freedom. I have not gotten anywhere with the effort.

I find that when I try to discuss the idea of restoring freedom with a Conservative, the conservative immediately shoves me aside.

Restoring health freedom, after all, might upset the social order. It is easy to impose a social order with insurance. Insurance concentrates wealth and creates a culture of dependence.

Anyway, I am enchanted with Newts strategy to get Republicans to talk about ideas.

All of the Republicans, with the exception of Ron Paul, support big government control of health care. Unfortunately, Ron Paul supports deregulation ... which can't work because insurance is a regulator and you can't deregulate regulators.

Now, I have never personally witnessed a Conservative talking about ideas. When conservatives talk about ideas, the conversation usually takes the forms of ways to use big government and big business to impose a top-down social order.

Still, living in an intellectual wilderness, the mere thought that someone in the not too distant future might discuss an idea has me thrilled.

Sadly, Newt's $2.50 plan is lame. Ron Paul is the candidate with a history of supporting free market idea; So, I will now put on my Ron Paul shirt and actively support the good doctor.
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