Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Parasitic Nation?

In 1983, Ronald Reagan created a stir by calling the Soviet Union an "evil empire." Predictibly, the MSM and cultural elite belittled Reagan as a lunatic for the statement; however, the reformist Mikhail Gorbachev and others engaged in introspection and saw great faults in their nation.

In 1987, the failed experiment of the Soviet Union finally collapsed.

This week Russian leader Vladimir Putin called the United States a parasite stating that we are living beyond our means and leeching off the world economy.

Prior to the New Deal and Great Society, the United States was the world's leading producer. In our new progressive era, we systematically attack and burden the productive sectors of our economy to create massive subsidies. This backwards way of thinking has created the largest parasitic class since the days before the of Ancient Rome.

Last century, America was the largest creditor nation in human history. Our political class borrowed and spent until we've become the laster creditor nation in history.

The parasite class not only lives in the government. Parasitism has taken over our schools and much of our financial sector.

Our current financial world is built around hedging and not producing.

The fall of America is a horrifying show to watch. The parasitic ruling class of America is bound to eat this nation whole and is likely to take down much of the world in its fall.

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redneck hippie said...

you've a typo, & I'm not sure which word you meant

"laster creditor nation"

Nice blog, and I am following you now.