Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Message Is Health Freedom

Conservatives have a way of talking about freedom that drives independents and moderates away.

This is really bad for the freedom movement.

The National Democratic Primary Race is likely to be boring which means that independents and many disaffected Democrats will vote in the Republican Primary.

This group is likely to vote for the furthest left candidate in the Republican field.

The massive influx of left leaning independents in the primary is likely to swamp the Tea Party … unless the Tea Party starts talking about freedom in a positive way.

For example, Members of the Tea Party want to overturn ObamaCare. This message resonates with every member of the movement. But it is an inherently negative message.

A campaign to "Restore Health Freedom" starts by overturning of ObamaCare.

This positive message starts a much broader discussion about the nature of health freedom and might help the Tea Party overturn the burdensome regulations put in place by states through the last several decades.

The left (aka, progressivism) has learned to grub power by manipulating language in ways that falsely project negative images onto the cause of freedom. Conservatives play the game that they accept the negative language. Even with the negative language, conservatism is better than progressivism.

Conservatives understand this game, but the population at large does not. The public at large chooses the Republican candidates.

If the Tea Party fails to challenge the manipulated language, the movement is lost.

If the goal is to restore health freedom; the Tea Party might have a chance in 2012. If the message is simply "Repeal ObamaCare" then health freedom is lost for the foreseeable future.

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