Friday, August 19, 2011

Community Color

My professors in college wasted many lectures spouting praise of Alinsky and Community Organizers.

Such community organizers unite one group against another and tend to created deeper divisions. The end result of activism and community organization tends to be an oppressive political machine and a top-down stagnant community.

The classical liberal tradition of the US Founders discovered that strong individuals make for vibrant communities.

I've burnt thousand of hours on a project called Community Color. The goal of this project was to explore the diversity that occurs in free societies simply by exploring local web sites.

As our nation is focused on the train wreck in Washington, our local communities are falling apart.

The centralized command-and-control economy envisioned by progressives is bankrupt. The classical liberals (aka the US Founders) had the right vision. A free society of strong individuals builds a strong community.

Progressives are leeches that infect both parties. Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover and many Republicans pursue progressive dreams. The LDS church is a top down progressive hierarchy that has Utah divided into an ugly US v. THEM dystopia. (Mormonism is a progressive ideology. There is little difference between the top-down health policies of Romney and Harry Reid. The state was founded as a commune. It still is run by a top down hierachy that actively suppresses non-Mormons.)

My goal in creating Community Color was to find a way to reflect the diversity of communities in the Mountain West.

At this point the project includes little more than a categorized directory and calendar. Unfortunately all the interactive features I added to the site were attacked by spammers.

The process of building the directory exposed me to the diversity of businesses and non-profits that occur in a free society. On the down side, I also got to witness sites going blank during the Obama Dominion.

A free society, by nature, becomes diverse and vibrant as the free people pursue diverse interests. Top-down organized communities tend to be stagnant and dependent on conformity.

Yes, I know diversity is a theme of the left. The current wave of progressives feign a forced diversity in a pathetic attempt to overcome negative images of the Socialism of previous generations.

IMHO, advocates of liberty would do well to emphasize that a free society of strong individuals results in strong communities. Freedom leads to an organic diversity. Foolishly, Conservatives conceded these terms to the left as progressives use forced diversity and top-down community organization in their grub for power.

I wish people would take the time to compare the dynamic social structure of free societies to the contrivances of community organizers and stand on the side of freedom.

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