Thursday, August 18, 2011

Activist Training School

I reluctantly signed up for the Campaign For Liberty Activist Training Camp this weekend at the Southtowne Exposition Center.

I used the word "reluctantly" as I have never been fond of activist training.

Back in school, I followed my professors' lead and attended activist training for Marxist causes and came out of the experience seeing activist training itself as part of the problem.

An activist is self-committed to a cause and no longer committed to the pursuit of the truth. Activists training builds a political hierarchy of dullards and systematically fails in the pursuit of our ideals.

I think it is valuable for conservatives and libertarians to learn about the Alinsky Method to understand the corruption of the left. Sadly, when reactionary conservatives get too engrossed in the method, they become as bad as community organizers of the left.

I am attending the "Activist Training" hoping it will be an opportunity to network.

My greatest fear is that reactionaries will become the spitting image of the left destroying this nation once and for all.

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